Victoria A. Diedrichs

Speech-Language Pathologist & Post-Doctoral Fellow

Northwestern University

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

A headshot of Victoria A. Diedrichs, a white woman with wavy dark brown hair. She is smiling and standing in front of a Joshua Tree, wearing a denim jacket and a scarf with a green and burgundy pattern.

About Me

I am an Advanced Rehabilitation Research Training post-doctoral fellow at Northwestern University and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, in the Center for Aphasia Research & Treatment, which is directed by Dr. Leora Cherney. In August of 2023 I graduated with my Ph.D. from the Speech and Hearing Science Department at The Ohio State University, where I worked with Dr. Stacy Harnish in the Aphasia Laboratory. In 2011 I graduated from Grinnell College with a B.A. in Spanish and a concentration in Neuroscience, then graduated from Temple University with an M.A. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science in 2015. Between graduating from Temple and joining the Ohio State Aphasia Laboratory, I worked as a speech-language pathologist in skilled-nursing and inpatient rehabilitation settings. 

Recent and Upcoming Activities

Selected Presentations and Other Work


Semantic and Phonological Networks in Older Adults: A Systematic Scoping Review - Society for the Neurobiology of Language 2023


Semantics, Phonology, and Resting-State Connectivity in Aphasia - Clinical Aphasiology Conference 2023


The Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus & Language in Healthy Adults & Post-Stroke Aphasia - CCBBI Research Day 2022

Jess_Research Day Poster - FINAL_Spring.pdf

Lesion-Symptom Mapping of Semantics and Phonology in People with Aphasia - CCBBI Research Day 2022


Resilience: A Missing Piece to Aphasia Recovery? - ASHA Convention 2022


The Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Resting State Connectivity in Aphasia - Academy of Aphasia Annual Meeting 2022

2022 CAC Poster-An Analysis of Virtual Therapy Efficacy for Anomia Treatment_Barry L Baker.pdf

An Analysis of Virtual Therapy Efficacy for Anomia Treatment - Clinical Aphasiology Conference 2022


The Inferior Frontal Gyrus and Its Role in the Resting State Connectivity of Individuals with Aphasia - Clinical Aphasiology Conference 2022


Resting State fMRI Connectivity in Individuals with Aphasia and the Role of the Inferior Frontal Gyrus - Translational Science 2022


Crash Course in Speech & Language White Matter Association Tracts: Dissecting Beyond the Arcuate Fasciculus - ASHA Convention 2021


Neural Compensation in the Language Network: Preliminary Data - 15th Annual Saffran Conference 2021